Miracle Messages began in December 2014, when Kevin took a walk down Market Street in San Francisco with warm tea, hot biscuits, and a simple question to his neighbors living on the streets: "do you have any family or friends you'd like to record a message to for the holidays?" That's how he met Jeffrey, who recorded a video to his family and had been a missing person for the past 12 years. Kevin started walking this journey in honor of his Uncle Mark, who lived on-and-off the streets for 30 years. He believes that everyone is someone's somebody.


Jessica Day
Director of Programs

Jessica has a passion for serving others. Her work in nonprofits and youth ministry comes from her desire to pour positivity into everyone she encounters. She leads volunteers to extend their hands in their local communities. And change the world.


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I chose to volunteer with Miracle Messages to humanize the homeless, because when my family lived on the streets for ten years we wished someone might empathize with us. I’m excited to help create and spread Miracle Messages to help reconnect homeless individuals with family members. Maybe if a caring family member of ours could have found us and helped us, we would have been able to get off the streets much sooner.
— Michael Gaulden, Miracle Messages volunteer
I’m from the old times. I read the physical newspaper everyday. I was just so impressed when I read the article. I’ve been there. My son... there’s been many times when I had no way to reach out to him. I was a typical worried mother. I can just imagine what it feels like to be so alone in the world. To want to find people or just get a message to them. When I read that, I thought, ‘Gee, there must be something I can do, I want to do that.’
— Marilyn Lefferts, Miracle Messages volunteer
A bucket list goal to visit all thirty major league baseball stadiums with my family has, in turn, granted me the opportunity to personally witness, in each of these big cities, one ongoing theme: homelessness. Speaking with homeless people in the streets on game days, they inspire me with their stories and it is my hope to help humanize the homeless in these 30 cities—and more.
— Emma Herr; Miracle Messages volunteer