We are Miracle Messages

We are a global community that believes everyone is someone's somebody, and
no one should be defined by what they lack. Our approach is simple and effective:

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We mobilize volunteers everywhere to record short video messages from their homeless neighbors to their loved ones.

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Volunteers then deliver these video messages via social media and the internet to help reunite families.

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90% of our reunions lead to positive tangible outcomes, and 25% result in stable housing or living with family.


Everyone is someone's somebody, and
nobody should be defined by what they lack.

Perry was living on the streets in Burlington (VT). He recorded a Miracle Message to his son Joey, whom he hadn't seen in 18 years. Within 24 hours, our volunteers helped Perry and Joey reunite on a phone call. A few months later, they reunited in-person, the first time Joey saw his dad since he was 4 years old.

Isaac was living on the streets of Miami, and had not seen his family in 40 years. One of our volunteers, Gabby, helped him record a Miracle Message. Within days, his family was located. Within weeks, his sister drove from Texas to Florida to pick him up and bring him home to live with his family again.

Help individuals experiencing homelessness reconnect with their long-lost loved ones.

It's simple.

Step 1. Join Miracle Messages via the Get Involved form.
Step 2. Work with others in your community to record and deliver messages. 
Step 3. Reunite families and friends as a volunteer internet detective... and repeat!

90% of delivered messages have been positively received. 

25% of reunions have lead to stable housing. 

Here's your chance to use social media for social good.

Join the movement.