140 reunions and counting...

It's simple. And it works.

A person experiencing homelessness records a short message to a loved one, often with the help of a volunteer
or caseworker using one of our tools (below). Then, our network of 1,100+ digital detectives attempt to deliver it.


(design files for toll-free hotline for everyone)

1 page intake form
(printable PDF for everyone)

refer a client
(online form for caseworkers & volunteers)

find a missing relative
(online form for families)


20 years

avg time disconnected

1 month

average time to reconnect


reunions = positive outcome


reunions = housing

isaac avila 2.png

Isaac reunited with his family after 40 years.

VT, Perry and Joseph 2.JPG

Perry reunited with his son after 19 years.

family reunion.jpg

Juanita reunited with her siblings after 30 years.


Our mission

Miracle Messages is a volunteer-led nonprofit dedicated to reconnecting our homeless neighbors
with their loved ones... and us. We are on a mission to end relational poverty on our streets.

Our approach is rooted in three core objectives:


80% of found loved ones are happy to reunite. Yet the average length of time disconnected of our clients is 20 years. We can reunite them.


With their families, yes. But also with us: they are not problems to be solved, they are people to be loved. We generate stories that humanize: 500 articles, 100M views. We can shatter stigmas.


Frustrated? You are not alone. 7,500 local volunteers have signed up to record messages and locate loved ones. We can make a difference.

Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 6.53.20 PM.png

Everyone is someone's somebody.

What can I do?

Refer a homeless neighbor 

(for volunteers)

Be a digital detective for good

(for volunteers)

Learn more about volunteering

Attend an event

(for volunteers & partners)

Refer a homeless client

(for partners)

Learn more about partnering

Find a missing homeless relative

(for families)

Watch a reunion story


(so we can do more of this)

Our vision

We envision a world where everyone is nurtured by a social support system and
sense of belonging – a social home – whether or not they currently have stable housing.


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