170 reunions

and counting...

20 years

avg time disconnected

1 month

avg time to reconnect


reunions --> positive outcome


We are Miracle Messages.

Miracle Messages is a nonprofit organization tackling the “relational poverty” affecting as many as 1 in 3 people experiencing homelessness in the US.

Volunteers just like you record short messages from your neighbors experiencing homelessness to their loved ones. Then, 1,200 volunteer digital detectives attempt to locate the loved one and deliver the Miracle Message.

We just need YOU to start the conversation.


Record messages

Learn how to start the conversation, and get access to our award-winning tools for helping the homeless reconnect.

Deliver messages

Be a digital detective for good! Join our Facebook group to connect with others helping to locate long-lost loved ones.

Reunite loved ones

And inspire others to get involved by sharing your stories. Use hashtag #MiracleMessages on social media!

What else can I do?

Attend an event

(for everyone)

Help a homeless neighbor reunite

(for volunteers, caseworkers, and nonprofits)

Find a missing homeless relative

(for families)


(for everyone)

Our vision, mission, and objectives

We envision a world where everyone is nurtured by a social support system and sense of
belonging – a social home – whether or not they currently have stable housing. We are on
a mission to end relational poverty on our streets. Our approach is rooted in three core objectives:


80% of located loved ones are excited to reunite. Yet the average length of time disconnected is a staggering 20 years. We offer a humane way to help end homelessness: We reunite families.


With their families, yes. But also with us as their neighbors: "the homeless" are not problems to be solved, they are people to be loved. We generate stories that humanize: We shatter stigmas.


550,000 people sleep on the streets every night in the US. Frustrated? You are not alone. We offer simple tools for residents to make a difference in their local community. We empower neighbors.


Check out some of our latest reunion stories


Everyone is someone's somebody.


everyone is someones sombody2.jpg

Introducing the “everyone is someone’s somebody” t-shirt!

For every t-shirt purchased, $14 will be donated to Miracle Messages. Whether you are a current (or future!) volunteer with us, or just someone who cares about our neighbors experiencing homelessness (and looking super stylish!), wear this shirt and spread the word: everyone is someone’s somebody.

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