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Miracle Messages partners with shelters, street outreach teams, soup kitchens, faith-based organizations, government agencies, and individuals that provide any type of support to people who are experiencing homelessness. Partners refer clients to us who are interested in reconnecting with their loved ones.

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Reunite your homeless clients with their loved ones in a humane, cost-effective way.

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Empower local residents to get involved and make a meaningful difference.

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Generate positive media coverage from our reunions for your nonprofit/city/org.

A few of our current partners:

Partner spotlight


I just wanted you to know how much the clients and my staff appreciated your interaction on our site yesterday. As you can probably imagine…self esteem is a key barrier to homeless individuals and is something we are constantly working on with clients. The clients that participated were absolutely jazzed when they completed their interviews with you and are still talking about it this morning. Sometimes people don’t realize how such little things can create such a huge difference and make these folks feel like they belong again.

– Craig Billman, Program Director, LifeMoves

Storytelling is the root of understanding people at a deeper level. At St. Anthony’s, every day we bear witness to stories of incredible triumph and struggle from our homeless brothers and sisters in SF. Miracle Messages is highly skilled at capturing these stories and sharing them with a wider audience to effect change for this vulnerable population. We are blessed to work with Miracle Messages as a partner to give people a window into the heart of the Tenderloin.

– Karl Robillard, (fmr.) Communications & Public Relations Senior Manager, St. Anthony Foundation