Volunteer with us

Miracle Messages is only as strong as the community that makes it work. Find a way to contribute that works for you.  

If you have five minutes, and you want to make an outsized contribution, you could:

Become a Miracle Messages Volunteer Detective


If you have a few minutes and you are at your computer, you could also help out with cases by contributing leads in our "volunteer detectives" facebook group! This is the perfect activity for people with limited time who want to make an outsized impact. Just go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/miraclemsg/ to get started!





If you have 20 minutes, and you want to be part of our efforts, you can...

Offer Miracle Messages to someone you pass on the street.

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If there's someone who you pass on the street who you've been looking to engage, just start a conversation, and use our two step approach to offering Miracle Messages.

If the person is interested in reconnecting,  go to 1800missyou.com to find a list of questions to ask. 

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Request a pilot

Bring Miracle Messages to your area! Cities/counties, nonprofits, CBDs, concerned residents... be in touch.


Work the hotline

Receive 1-800-MISS-YOU calls safely routed to your phone from homeless clients looking for their families. Already filled out the get involved form and attended an orientation? Use the below links to take your first hotline calls:

Hotline intake form. This combined script + form will guide you through the questions to ask when you pick up a call. 

Download the Dialpad app. Hotline volunteers will be added to Dialpad after attending an orientation, but will need to download the app in order to take calls.

MM Master spreadsheet. This link is not yet public. Please contact Jess to access.

Here's the schedule for hotline leads.

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Spread the word

Join us for an upcoming #StreetWalks event. Or help start one in your area. Meet your neighbors!

And help us spread the word about our new toll-free hotline, 1-800-MISS-YOU. Order cards. Hand them out. Repeat.

Want to initiate a Miracle Messages case from your mobile phone? You can access our mobile intake form at the above link. You can also download this form to your home screen for future use. Here's how.

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Find loved ones

Be a digital detective for good! Locate and reach out to loved ones. Join our Facebook group for volunteer detectives to get started.

Digital detectives checklist. A thorough, helpful checklist for finding loved ones!

Introducing 1-800-MISS-YOU

We now offer a toll-free hotline to help our neighbors experiencing homelessness reunite with their loved ones.

Order some cards, hand them out, and change someone's life.

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Not sure which role is right for you? Take our volunteer assessment to find out!