Volunteer with Miracle Messages

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Record Messages

Record MMs as a Volunteer Messenger.


Deliver Messages

Locate loved ones as a Volunteer PI.

Here's how to get started:

Step 1. Fill out our get involved form
Step 2. Like our Facebook page
Step 3. Join our weekly all volunteers call (6pm PST on Wednesdays)


San Francisco


Coming soon.


Coming soon.

Here's how to get started in your community:

If your city/region is listed above...

Step 1. Click the link above and join your local Miracle Messages' Google Group!
Step 2. Once confirmed, you'll receive invitations to volunteer opportunities in your area. Remember to RSVP via Google Calendar. Our full schedule of volunteer events is listed below.
tep 3. Review the Miracle Messages volunteer training doc below.

If your city/region is not yet listed above...

tep 1. Let us know if you'd like to bring Miracle Messages to your area via our get involved form!

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