Citizen detectives, unite!

Each day, Miracle Messages posts a case in our volunteer detective group, and tags one person to take the lead on the case. 

If you are tagged as the case lead, here's what you do:

Investigator flow.png

1) Take a look at the posted case (5 min). Evaluate the information, as well as the posted comments. You can also look for leads yourself on whitepages premium (login details below) and facebook. 


Usernames (use any of these):
[email protected]  
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Password: LocateLoved1s!

2) Reach out to leads (10-15 min). Your main job as a volunteer is to reach out to leads, and try to make contact with the loved one.

3) If you make contact, let us know, so that we can help you facilitate a reunion! (time for this step varies).

4) If you find a viable phone number or point of contact (you are sure that you have the right person, but you aren't getting through) try calling three times. After three tries, mark the case as "cold". If you've put in 2 hours to trying to contact someone with no response, you've probably hit a dead end.

5) If you don't find a find a viable contact in your first search attempt, add a message to the facebook group to prompt more leads. If you test out ten leads and you still can't get through to anyone, mark the case as "cold". If you put in 2 hours into searching for leads and nothing works, you've probably hit a dead end.


What does success look like for  a volunteer?


Please keep in mind that we define success as contributing to moving a case forward. This can be commenting with a lead, making a phone call, or supporting a buddy.