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Are you a volunteer (or caseworker) trying to help a homeless neighbor (or client) locate their loved ones?

You're in the right place.

Miracle Messages is a volunteer-led nonprofit dedicated to reconnecting our homeless neighbors with their loved ones... and us. The process is simple: a person isolated by homelessness records a short message to their loved ones, often with the help of a caseworker or volunteer. Then, our network of 1,100+ digital detectives attempt to deliver the Miracle Message.

The below referral form is intended for caseworkers and volunteers, as well as outreach workers and partners to help their homeless clients/neighbors try to reconnect with their loved ones. The below form is NOT intended for people experiencing homelessness, or family members or friends trying to locate a missing relative who may be experiencing homelessness. In those cases:

  • If you are a person experiencing homelessness trying to reconnect with a loved one, please call our toll-free hotline: 1-800-MISS-YOU
  • If you are a family member/friend trying to locate a missing relative who may be experiencing homelessness, please use our FIND THEM tool.
  • If you are a volunteer or caseworker and would prefer an offline tool to help a homeless client / neighbor, download our 1 page PDF intake form.

By filling out this form, you'll be sharing the client's info with Miracle Messages. If you have any questions, please reach out: [email protected] Thanks!

Miracle Messages Referral Form

Eligibility *
In order to be eligible for Miracle Messages, the below criteria is required.
Name *
Full Name *
Full Name
In what city and state is the client currently located?
In what city and state did the client grow up?
Is the client currently homeless?
What is the best way to reach the client again? (phone #, email, shelter bed number, case worker or friend address, etc.)
If you are currently with the client, please take a moment to fill out this section with the information for their LOVED ONE. If you are not able to gather this info right now, that's okay as long as you feel confident that we can reach the client again.
Full Name *
Full Name
e.g., client's mom
if known, include full address (e.g., 123 Main Street, San Francisco, CA, 94102)
e.g., 5 years
Please include full name, relationship, date of birth (or approx. age) and last known location (including address if known)
Previous phone numbers or email addresses, ethnicity, high school, employer, veterans status, etc.
If the client wants to record a video message to their loved one, use the camera on your phone. Prompt the person to say whatever they would say as if the loved one were standing right there. Approximately 1 minute is ideal. Upload the video to YouTube as "unlisted," and PASTE THE LINK HERE. If the client would prefer not to record a video, that's okay. Please complete the next field.
If we find the loved one, what message would the client want to share? e.g., I love you, I miss you, I'm sorry it took so long, I'm okay. Please share it here. And if possible, please email us a photo of the person experiencing homelessness: [email protected]