Susan St. Amour (ME)

“I just want you to know that you were so good for my son. I really would like to talk to you again or just know that you’re out there.”

Susan has been on-and-off the streets in Portland, Maine, for the past 2.5 years, since around the time that her son Neil unexpectedly died. Since her son passed away, she has "kind of been a loner," grieving. 

Susan is currently indoors, and slowly opening up again amid her anguish. She is genuine, warm, and simply lovely. Courageously, Susan recorded two heartfelt Miracle Messages: the first to a dear friend, and the second to Jessica Smith, who is the widow of her son Neil and whom she hasn't seen since the service.

Susan St. Amour
Age: 57
Location: Portland, Maine
Hometown: West Hartford, CT