Man reunites with his mom after 10 years on Mother's Day

Two weeks ago, we told you about Michael Kelly, the 40-year-old homeless man who was desperate to find his mom.

And he did — just in time for Mother’s Day.

On April 24, we met Kelly at a church dining hall; we sat with him and chatted for a few minutes after he polished off a chicken and pasta dinner. He teared up during our conversation as he talked about being homeless and losing all contact with his family. He looked into my Samsung and told his mother how much he loved her.

We shot a video of our conversation with Kelly with the hope that we could deliver his message to his mother soon. He didn’t know if his mother, Mary Heckendorf, had remarried; he didn’t know her phone number, or even where she might be living now. All he could tell us was that Mary’s last known residence was in St. Cloud, Minnesota.


But mother and son have a ton more catching up to do; that’s why the next plan is to fly Kelly home for a visit with his family. Miracle Messages has kicked off this fundraiser, hoping to get him on a plane soon.

“They just want to see each other again — they just want to reconnect,” Day says.

If you want to help Kelly get home to his mother, feel free to kick in some cash for his plane ticket here.

After you’ve done that, start following us and learn more about how Miracle Messages is working to reunite homeless people with their loved ones.

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