Danny Vargas (CA)

“I used to visit him all the time. And they’d visit me. But then we just stopped seeing each other. And they've been gone.”

#miraclemessages let's help Danny, a homeless man in the Bay Area, find his son Jason Vargas, a doctor in his 40s in Tempe, AZ, whom he hasn't seen in 15 years.

NAME: Danny Vargas
AGE: 63
LOCATION: Redwood City, CA

**LOOKING FOR: his son Jason Vargas, 40s, a doctor in Tempe, AZ

HOW TO HELP (SAMPLE POST): Danny, a homeless vet from #SanJose, hasn't seen his son in #Tempe in 15+ years. RT to change that. https://youtu.be/f76UM3WpRH8 #miraclemessages

BACKGROUND: On 3/31/15, we met Danny Vargas at InnVision Shelter Network, one of our partner organizations, in Redwood City, CA. Danny hasn’t seen his son in over 15 years, and would like to reconnect. Danny graduated from Lincoln High School (San Jose, CA) class of 1968. He served in the 1st Cavalry in Vietnam (1968-71), and worked in the reel room at the San Jose Mercury News from the 1970s to the 1990s. Danny has been homeless for the last 11 years, living on the streets in San Jose until 4 months ago, when he found a temporary bed at the IVSN.