Reunited with his long lost sister... and returns home

It was about 6 months ago that Miracle Messages crossed paths with Dale, a homeless alcoholic who had been wondering the streets for 20 years.

We sat down with Dale inside 1269 Cafe in Manchester, New Hampshire, not just to hear his story, but to give him a new will to live. During the brief conversation, he painted a bleak picture of his loss, his alcoholism, and his life on the streets.

“I’m tired of living on the streets,” Dale, 58, told us.

But we didn’t want Dale’s difficulties to be the story, because that’s not why we came here. We came to help change his narrative, one that would lead him back home to his family.

That short video recorded by the Miracle Messages team created back in October 2015 made the rounds — on the news, on social media, and on our own Miracle Messages website. Dale’s sister, Erin, saw it on the news and connected with us to record a video message back to her big brother, inviting him to come home.

Miracle Messages worked to connect brother and sister, who last week visited each other for the first time in decades. Dale’s life has changed since we first met him in October 2015. After reconnecting with his sister, he checked into rehab and is 100 percent sober. He’s currently living with his sister as a happy family.

dale family6.jpg