Andre Creaig (PA)

"Patty, I miss you 100%. I feel bad that we lost contact. If you can get this message, please contact me. I’m still here in Philadelphia. I do miss you.”

Andre Creaig has been on and off the streets for the last 10 years, sleeping in the cold. His life began to change when he got help at Eagleville (PA), where he also formed a close friendship with a woman named Patty. He misses her dearly. Let's help Andre reconnect with his friend.

NAME: Andre Creaig
AGE: n/a
LOCATION: Philadelphia, PA
HOMETOWN: Philadelphia, PA

**LOOKING FOR: his friend, Patty, whom he met at Eagleville Hospital in Philadelphia, PA. 

PARTNER ORG: Pathways to Housing PA (
FILMING DATE: April 30, 2015

HOW TO HELP (SAMPLE POST): Andre Creaig, a homeless man in #Philly, is looking for his dear friend Patty Norwood from #Eaglesville. RT to help him find her! #miraclemessages