Whitepages Partnership Takes Homeless Reunions to the Next Level

Miracle Messages is excited to announce it's teaming up with Whitepages, an online phone directory, to help quickly reconnect homeless people with their families. 

WhitePages is giving Miracle Messages volunteers free access to Whitepages Premium accounts so they can more quickly track down families and loved ones of homeless people. This is key since Whitepages Premium offers detailed contact information for more than 200 million people in the United States.

“It is our hope that access to this premium information will help Miracle Messages with their mission to help the homeless reunite with loved ones,” says Liz Powell, spokeswoman for Whitepages. “

And it has. 

To date, Miracle messages has used the premium accounts to help locate 5 families, facilitating some very emotional reunions over the last month. Just three weeks ago, the Miracle Messages team met a man in San Diego who hadn’t talked to his sister in 20 years. Using the premium service, Miracle Messages volunteers found his sister in about 5 minutes. Previously, it would take weeks for volunteers to track down families of homeless people —if they could find them at all. 

Needless to say, this partnership is a critical turning point for Miracle Messages as it works toward reuniting 1 percent of the world's homeless population with their families by 2021. 

“Whitepages has really expedited the process of locating loved ones,” said Jessica Day, Director of Programs for Miracle Messages. “Now we’re able to reunite people the moment we meet them rather than waiting.”

With the Premium accounts, Miracle Messages has free access to contact information, mobile numbers, court records, bankruptcy records. What’s more, it gives volunteers a list of people associated with whoever they’re searching, giving volunteers are longer list of people to help with a reunion. 

“It’s incredible to watch this magic happen so quickly,” Day added.

But what does Whitepages get out of these reconnections? It drives the company’s primary mission: Using data for good. "Our mission is to make sure what we're building is helping out businesses and people," Powell says. "So this concept is using our data for good—I would say that's in line with what we stand for as a company."

"And these are the kind of stories that we love," she added.

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