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Who we are

Miracle Messages is a nonprofit that offers a human way to help end homelessness.

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What we do

Volunteers record short messages from their homeless neighbors to their loved ones.

Then, over 1,000 digital detectives attempt to deliver the Miracle Message via social media.

How you can help

Tell a neighbor experiencing homelessness about our hotline (1-800-MISS-YOU), or use our online referral form to submit a new case.

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Everyone is
someone's somebody.

Why it matters

"The solution to homelessness isn't just housing. It's community." -Director Jim Green,
Boston Emergency Shelter Commission

Ways to get involved

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Request a pilot

Bring MM to your area! Cities/counties, nonprofits, CBDs, concerned residents... please be in touch!

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Spread the word

Join us for a #StreetWalks event to meet your neighbors and offer MM. Or, start one in your area!


Work the hotline

Receive calls from our hotline (1-800-MISS-YOU), routed safely to your phone. Gather info from clients!

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Find loved ones

Be a digital detective for good! Help deliver MMs by locating and reaching out to potential loved ones.

Introducing 1-800-MISS-YOU

We now offer a toll-free hotline to help our neighbors experiencing homelessness reunite with their loved ones.

Order some cards, hand them out, and change someone's life.

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Our vision

A world where everyone is nurtured by a social support system and
sense of belonging, whether or not they currently have stable housing.


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