Miracle Messages Cold Case Committee resources

Working on a case through the Cold Case Committee? Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting started.


Step 1:

Review our checklist

Before joining your first Cold Case Committee meeting, review this checklist, and agree to our volunteer code of conduct.


Step 2:

Join the meeting

The Cold Case Committee is our weekly case meeting. Call in details can be found on our events calendar.


Step 3:

Review case information

All of the information about your case will be visible on the case card in Trello.


Step 4:

Try to solve your case

This is the part where you put your digital search skills to the test! If you are new, your mentor will walk you through this process, but you can also review our written guide.


Step 5:

Update your case

As you make progress on your case, update it using the case update form. Whether or not you make progress, you must submit a case update before the next meeting.


Step 6:

Keep it up!

At the next week’s meeting, you can get help with your case if you need it, share your excitement if you succeeded. and take another case if you’re ready!

Want to update your case using the update form? You can access it here.